Brooks Travel Plaza Off-Sale-Liquor Store

701 Hwy 59 South, Brooks MN 56715

Store Hours 218-698-4270 Mon-Sun 6AM - 10PM
Deli 218-698-4270 Mon-Sun 6AM - 8PM
Off-Sale Liquor Store 218-698-4270 Mon-Sat 8AM - 10PM, Sun 11AM - 6PM

Oklee Cenex/Mechanic Shop

302 Governor Street, Oklee MN, 56742

Store Hours 218-796-5184 Mon-Sun 7AM - 10PM
Deli 218-796-5184 Mon-Sun 7AM - 8PM
Oklee Mechanic Shop 218-796-5184 Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM

Red Lake Falls/Memories Café

217 8th St SE, Red Lake Falls MN, 56750

Store Hours 218-253-2687 Mon-Sun 6AM - 10PM
Deli 218-253-2687 Mon-Sun 6AM - 8PM
Café Hours 218-253-2687 Mon-Fri 6AM - 2PM

McIntosh Cenex

400 State St SE, McIntosh MN, 56556

Store Hours 218-563-3624 Mon-Sat 6:30AM - 10PM, Sun 7:30AM - 10PM
Deli 218-563-3624 Mon-Sat 6:30AM - 8PM, Sun 7:30AM - 10PM


Red Lake County Co-op has two agronomy plants located in Red Lake Falls and Brooks.

TerraGator floater for agronomy

Propane & Fuel Delivery

Red Lake County Co-op offers propane and fuel delivery services. Our propane is delivered from one of our seven storage sites in Thief River Falls, Plummer, Brooks, Red Lake Falls, Solway, Gully, and Erskine.