Brooks Travel Plaza Off-Sale-Liquor Store

701 Hwy 59 South, Brooks MN 56715

Store Hours 218-698-4270 Mon-Sun 6AM - 10PM
Deli 218-698-4270 Mon-Sun 6AM - 8PM
Off-Sale Liquor Store 218-698-4270 Mon-Sat 8AM - 10PM, Sun 11AM - 6PM

Oklee Cenex/Mechanic Shop

302 Governor Street, Oklee MN, 56742

Store Hours 218-796-5184 Mon-Sun 7AM - 10PM
Deli 218-796-5184 Mon-Sun 7AM - 8PM
Oklee Mechanic Shop 218-796-5184 Mon-Fri 8AM - 5PM

Red Lake Falls/Memories Café

217 8th St SE, Red Lake Falls MN, 56750

Store Hours 218-253-2687 Mon-Sun 6AM - 10PM
Deli 218-253-2687 Mon-Sun 6AM - 8PM
Café Hours 218-253-2687 Mon-Fri 6AM - 2PM

McIntosh Cenex

400 State St SE, McIntosh MN, 56556

Store Hours 218-563-3624 Mon-Sat 6:30AM - 10PM, Sun 7:30AM - 10PM
Deli 218-563-3624 Mon-Sat 6:30AM - 8PM, Sun 7:30AM - 10PM


Red Lake County Co-op has two agronomy plants located in Red Lake Falls and Brooks.

TerraGator floater for agronomy

Propane & Fuel Delivery

Red Lake County Co-op offers propane and fuel delivery services. Our propane is delivered from one of our seven storage sites in Thief River Falls, Plummer, Brooks, Red Lake Falls, Solway, Gully, and Erskine.

Red Lake County Co-op Propane Delivery Truck