Red Lake County Co-op Propane & Fuel Delivery

Red Lake County Cooperative can keep your farm, business, and home running with a complete line of fuel options.

Red Lake County Co-op Propane Delivery Truck


Propane is delivered from one of our 7 storage sites that are in Thief River Falls, Plummer, Brooks, Red Lake Falls, Solway, Gully and Erskine. We have a fleet of 10 delivery trucks and cover a large trade area. Our staff is fully trained, and we strive to provide excellent customer service!

Order Propane Online

Ordering Propane: A good practice is to call in your order when your tank is around 25% or ¼ of a tank.

When an order for delivery is requested, our drivers try to make the delivery within 3 business days.

There are times during the year when demand is high, so it is important to order early to avoid outages as it may take longer than 3 days.

After hours emergency delivery = $150.00

Same day delivery during business hours = $100.00

Leak Check on the system due to an outage = $50.00

In the winter months, please make sure your driveway is open and that there is a clear path to the tank.

Safety letters are mailed out to all propane customers yearly.

The letter includes information on our Summer-Fill, Pre-Pay and Budget Programs. If you are not currently a propane customer and would like to receive this information, contact our office and we will send a letter to you.

Budget Program

The Budget Program is a great opportunity to manage your heating costs throughout the year. Give us a call at 218-698-4271 and we can figure out what your monthly budget payment would be.

Propane Safety

Propane has a strong safety record due to the codes and regulations developed by the propane industry. However, there are still steps you should take to ensure your family’s safety.

How To Read Your Tank

The gauge on your tank shows the percentage of capacity in your tank, not the number of gallons in the tank. Below is a chart to show at a quick glance how many gallons you have left in your tank.

80% 200 Gallon 400 Gallons 800 Gallons
70% 175 Gallons 350 Gallons 700 Gallons
60% 150 Gallons 300 Gallons 600 Gallons
50% 125 Gallons 250 Gallons 500 Gallons
40% 100 Gallons 200 Gallons 400 Gallons
30% 75 Gallons 150 Gallons 300 Gallons
20% 50 Gallons 100 Gallons 200 Gallons
10% 25 Gallons 50 Gallons 100 Gallons

Bulk Fuel

Red Lake County Co-Op Fuel Delivery Truck

Bulk Fuel is delivered out of our Brooks and Red Lake Falls Plants. We offer #1 Fuel, #2 Fuel, FieldMaster, RoadMaster and gasoline products. Whether we’re delivering to your farm or home, you can count on us to deliver quality products and prompt service.

Importance of Proper Storage Tank Maintenance.

• Proper tank maintenance can help reduce the amount of water introduced into diesel fuel

• By limiting water in the fuel, we are less likely to see filter plugging in storage tanks and equipment filters.

Storage Tank Maintenance Tips

  • Drain and remove all water contaminates quarterly
  • All storage tanks should have fuel filters
  • Change filters and clean pump screens
  • Have tanks cleaned annually
Red Fuel Storage Tank

Cenex Roadmaster XL & Ruby Fieldmaster Contains

"Storage Stabilizer and Anit-Sludge" components to extend the storage life of diesel fuel.


  • Tolerates temperature extremes
  • Reduces varnish and gum build-up
  • Increases injector life & optimizes combustibility
  • Allows for 6-9 months longer storage then #2 diesel